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We are a team of scientific enthusiasts, executives, Innovators and technocrats who aspire to be a linchpin of the Innovative wave pulsating in the entire nation. Here at Idea and Innovation Cell, we develop products having socio-economic value and work on problem statements from various sectors such as Aerospace, Agriculture, Augmented reality, Business, Cyber security, Healthcare, Industrial problems, Virtual Reality, Water technologies etc and try to bring forward solutions that are indigenous, efficient and economical. All serving a common purpose of benefiting our compatriots and the entire world at large. Being Engineers at heart, we seek to use our Technical ingenuity to fulfil Engineering's purpose which, since its inception, has been to foster Innovation.


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India’s First Multipurpose Student Rocketry Mission- Launching our own satellite Launching vehicle to a height of 50+ km and deploying a Pico-sat which will monitor the Hirakud Dam along with these it can be used in different applications like Cloud Seeding, short range guided missile.

Krishi Sevak

The Hand-Operated Rice Transplanter is a lightweight, easy to use and low cost machine. It is pedal operated and powered by hands. It has very low maintenance, and does not require any fuel. The parts are made from materials which can be easily obtained from any bicycle shop.


Air Quality Monitoring System- By integrating series of gas sensors modules with a microcontroller board to monitor the real time gas readings in PPM. A humidity and temperature sensor are also used to measure the surrounding temperature. A copy of this data is shown in a mini LCD display monitor.

3D Aerial Mapping

Using unmanned vehicle photogrammetric data acquisition of a given region to be surveyed, using brushless camera gimbal with motor controller. The Data is processed and rendered in advanced 3d Simulation Software. Project is being currently used for volumetric analysis of coal.

Carbon scrubbing and automation

Using fumed silica impregnated with polyethylenimine in the inner walls of the chimney, which absorbs CO2 and storing them in absorber column pack. As the pack reaches the saturation point, then a pressure sensor transmits the message to extract required CO2 from it. It is carried out through a stream of superheated steam at around 120°C is passed through it.

Smart parking solution

By using a network of optical detectors, the sensors will transmit real time data regarding the availability of parking slots. It will be integrated using IoT, and Google Maps API to display status of the parking spaces of the chosen destination, in an IoT based Android app. The Parking spaces can be pre-booked for the given time interval.

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We love Creating projects and sharing our work with the world. Here are some of the laurels our team bagged at various events at both National and International Level.

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